Diamonds low-priced, at the stock exchange price

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We only sell certified diamonds at the stock exchange price!

If you already have clarity about what exactly you want, you can start here directly a noncommittal price inquiry for your desired diamond. Otherwise we recommend a consultation. So you can see different examples directly and then decide for yourself what is important to you.

You can specify the following values for the query:

  • Carat: Carat indicates the weight ( 1 Carat = 0.2 g), thus the size of the diamond.
  • Color: Color indicates the coloration of the diamond (values D to Z), so a D would be completely clear, a Z then looks quite yellowish.
  • Clarity: Clarity defines how pure the diamond is, how many and how big inclusions it has. (Values from FI to I3). An FI is completely free of inclusions and the more it goes in direction I3, the more and larger the inclusions become.
  • Shape: And finally, there is Shape, where it is determined in which shape the diamond was cut.

Price inquiry form

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